Matt + Angie

The Coys

Established October 10, 2015 |Bradt Farm Rockton, IL


This is coming a little on the late side, i know. For some reason, every. single. time. i typed Matt's name my mac would freeze and boot me off! Go Figure!  (Right, Matt? )
I'm so very thankful that Angie found me to be her wedding photographer...I love when clients become friends! Who knew we went to high school together! Small world...small town, it happens! 

Shall we begin with a little Throwback to their absolutely adorbs engagement sesh? I think so!


   The day was spent on Angie's family farm, just as she had dreamed of and planned as long as she could remember. The farms been in her family for Five generations! 


Officially Hitched!

Congratulations Matt & Angie



Angie's Gown & Brides maid's dresses-  Brandi's Bridal

Tuxes - Seno formalwear 

Flowers- Nyries flower shoppe

Cupcakes- halo cupcakes

Dj- Luxe productions