Newborn Prep Guide 

Thank you for choosing Vanessa Yoss Photography to photograph your new little!     

  I can not wait to meet him!


Keeping baby awake as much as possible the morning of his session is crucial. feed early on in the day, and try to keep baby's attention as much as possible.

Right before you leave the house:

Give baby a warm soothing bath

Dress baby in a lose diaper as so he gets less diaper marks ( Tip: Put receiving blanket or cloth diaper under his bum in his carseat incase there are any leaks!) dress baby in zip/button up one piece pajamas that do not have to be taken off over his head. no onesies.  Trying to remove clothing by jostling baby will make them more alert or wake them if sleeping. 

Give baby a full feeding. make sure their bellies are full so they will sleep longer and more soundly while in their session.  if baby dirties a diaper before you leave your home, change them before you head over and replace with another lose fitting diaper. 

Hopefully baby will be sound when you arrive and we can immediately begin his session. 



Things you should bring with you to your session: 

Diapers- More than you would normally bring out 

If bottle feeding, bring 2 extra feedings, just incase. If you are nursing and currently pumping, it is easiest if you can bring a few bottles of moms milk so we are not handing baby off as often or if baby just needs milk to soothe. 


Bring a pacifier! Even if baby doesn't normally take one, or you do not want to use one, bring it anyway. Baby is in a new environment, a lot of the time when babies are fussy during a session its because they need to be soothed. using their suckling reflexes soothes babies to sleep.


Extra Receiving/ snuggly blanket. Baby is naked for a portion of his session, sometimes it helps soothe him if he is covered in one of his own snuggly blankets. ( and sometimes they have accidents on them, so make sure it's an extra, and not one that will cover him on the way home!) 

Clean dry clothes for baby. Accidents happen. It doesn't hurt to even bring a clean shirt and bottoms for yourself just incase theres an accident while baby is without diaper. Happens to me, every. single. day :)

If you are doing a full newborn session, you will need to bring an outfit for yourself, your partner, and children, anyone being photographed. I always suggest simple outfits. Solid tops or dresses, white/black/navy/taupe work well. No words on shirts.            Jeans or solid bottoms.  As long as everyone "goes" together.  Try to avoid neon or very bright colors.   For ideas, head on over to my outfit guide! 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your session and what you should do or bring, do not hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email!  See you soon!

 xoxo Vanessa